Did you know you get over 130 days of holiday a year?

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Ok so a whole load of you that are reading this are thinking what is this about, no I dont get that much holiday, but you know it really depends on how you look at things.

We get bank holidays, annual leave from work (dependant on your company of course but mostly 4 weeks) and, this is the one most people forget, the weekends, ok some people work in jobs where their "weekend is midweek" but you know what I mean.

So how do you approach these holidays that you didnt realise you had?

Firstly, I know that many people like to travel to the sea especially on a bank holiday, why? you could go to the seaside on a weekend, save that bank holiday for something nearer your home or less stressfull (motorway jams for instance..)

So many people do not look at whats around them, lets face it overseas visitors come here & not just to London, I live in a small village, and yes I have seen/met Americans, South Africans and Italians walking around it, and I wonder why, theres nothing here..or is there?

Theres a ton of thatched cottages, there are roman remains ect ect (in my village) so perhaps its not so boring here after all. History, blah, bland stares from people who think its a pile of old stones, well maybe it is, but its pretty interesting to see childrens faces when you put this pile of old stones into a story, make it interesting, & then you see why it is that overseas visitors pay good money to come to the UK.

You may live in an inner city, have you ever looked up? maybe architecture is not your thing, but some people like it, its amazing what you can see when you look skywards, maybe your inner city area has some interesting places that you keep promising to go to, well nows your chance with all these extra holidays you never knew you had.

You may live in a small town, but may never really have explored it, go check out your local library (use the internet even) & find out whats around & about you & your area, & perhaps on a bank holiday instead of sitting for hours in traffic jam cursing the thousands of others doing the same trying to get a few precious hours on a crowded beach, you could be packing a picnic, and mooching off nearer to home and be less frazzelled too.

Make the bank holiday a weekend when you dont do the same household chores (its hardly a holiday if you have to vacuum & clean before you go out), wake up in the morning of that weekend and think..Holiday!

Weekends, ok so you finish on Friday evening & dont need to be back at work until Monday morning, yes you need to clean, shop, repair items & all manner of things to keep your home running, but all 52 weekends a year?

If you can keep on top of things during the week, do internet food shopping (saves a ton of time) then all of a sudden you begin to see the fruits of planning..and those seemingly fraught weekends where you need to fix the drains, go to yet another  diy store for the umpteenth time begin to fade and your weekends become free-er.

If you have children they will benefit from it too, more time together, that cant be bad?.

Not everything need cost you a fortune either, travel by bus to somewhere closer to home, if you dont normally do that then thats an experience and can be fun, if you`re near a station then an off peek ticket somewhere too, family tickets are good value, also there are many times that goods of all sorts carry promotions of cinema tickets, entrances ect ect. How about sharing the time with friends? saves on the expence and saves you needing to do all the driving ect.

If you are close to a place of interest and the weathers ok then walk..

We have rivers, lakes, canals, woods, forests, parks, mountains, hills &museums to name but a few things that we dont need to pay for to gain entry, you will live near to at least one of these things, holidays  " Mini" or otherwise, do not need to be booked at a travel agent.

Remember, there can be fun found in many things, but planning is essential, however once you have gotten into the swing of planning in advance there also comes a time when this is second nature and it wont seem so difficult, & you, your family, the dog & the cat will be less stressed!

Also, another thing to consider is this, if you have a camera then take that with you, it makes for great memories, and maybe you will discover a new hobby, if you dont own a camera but you and your family like drawing, why not go somewhere and sketch, if theres a church nearby, go and do some brass rubbing, it can be good fun and at home you can colour the rubbings in or do something creative with them. So many hobbies / interests can come about from these "Mini Holidays" too.

Walk down the road next weekend and count how many people look grumpy, I bet they dont count that weekend as a holiday!

Thanks for reading!


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