Die Butterfly

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"La conseguenza che non è nato che una farfalla non è nata a tutto. Firenze di Torre di Medici Rosendorfer "



How Not To Play The Mandolin In Occupied Warsaw - By Captain Corelli And The Antics  

The word eternity in the popular mind simply means existence for a limitless amount of time. That, however, is conceptual, individually appreciated, and therefore changing even as you think of it for each and all of us. Some no doubt many have used eternity to refer to a timeless existence altogether outside time and my lover because I WOULDN'T marry her took this to mean that I could not love her eternally. In contrast, it is that at ev'ry moment each one of you are more truly experiencing an infinite temporal existence actually called sempiternity. This, no doubt as the last viewer pleading with me not to marry her but to like "get lost" expresses a desire to understand why she desired but cannot stop time. This person who shall be nameless is 24 and dreading being twenty-five and I cannot tell you who she is because you never reveal a woman's age: BECAUSE the nature of GIRL mechanaic in reproducing the human form expresses herself an eternal being quite outside herself and TOO existing not only outside time but ALSO OUTSIDE HER OWN AGE; by contrast, a sempiternal being exists throughout an infinite time. Sempiternity also known as everlastingness is something your girl does not understand. In the definition, you cn see than NONE truly understand. There are a number of arguments for eternity, by which proponents of the concept, principally Aristotle purported to proove that matter motion and time must have existed eternally.

GIRLPRODUCTIONS is not about creating a living theatre you may call My World, it is about girl world. Who is this human form who does not know herself, who can express love to one as to all, is neither man nor girl in concept without the breaking down in limitless particles of exposition that each and every one of you relate to FRIENDSHIP PARTNERSHIP. MARRIAGE is the contract often wrongly adopted in the misconception that a hard or paper contract can change all that. For if it could, this seller's written contract would ultimately as yours be called: God as marriage. Each of you know that this cannot be for individual consumption at the same rate at the same time, and this is all that fascinates the scientists, the Aristotles, but never so much amazes the Michaelangelos' neither the Death Bed Of Leonardo Da Vinci, artists who have and always will never try to create any contract. Except where that which THE KISS is bestowed as art not contract, may it so be enjoyed for the longest day in LOVE.

The Butterfly expresses little knowledge of water and Earth the dry earth the shies as much as man. Yet in my piano this girl Francesca's piano, she expresses no contract, she expresses only that which she cannot understand as GOD. That wherefore by this who neither ONE of you confide in me, my BUTTERFLY is FRANCESCA. It is she, perhaps you reading this, my dearest/my dear people; who does less know it now or want to than than should? SIMPLE, accept that through this knowledge it never can be: I mean "The Contract" - for MY love that expressed to you as an artist HAS no contract, I intend none, thereby, BECAUSE I WANT AND EXPECT our love and belief in one another TO BE for ever. That we know also can not be makes the STATEMENT in music on my piano too painful for you? For you my dear I can only measure less all that you all, he, she individually, do mean to me by money., for I AM that artist and that is all that I am.

No Contract - accept a prophecy in that I know to be the whole truth and yet only YOU can ansewr it:- My Love Is Forever.

 Through the BUTTERFLY and her nine months of eternal kiss you my dear one(s) are greater than I even know myself to be.






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