Digital Camera USB connections

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If you require a connection for your camera to link to your PC this is generally called a USB connection cable (Often also referred in manual's as Synch Cable, USB cable, Connection Cable, Download Cable).

There will be a small port on your device marked USB output or sometimes Digital Output, usually these have a small logo or 3 arrows pointing.#

We currently stock over 40,000 USB connection cables, there are over 50 different types for Digital Camera's alone. We have many mapped however some a very specific, similar in nature but do not function unless they are the correct cable.

If we do not list your exact cable we have a technical team which you can email post shots (perhaps by borrowing a camera) to our team at EXPRESS PROCESSING please let them know the make (manufacture) and model number of your camera.

Some older camera's have no USB connection capability, these are SERIAL connections which used 9 pin DIN connections, whilst these are still available it's often an easier solution on new PC's to use a card reader directly to read the memory from your camera as an alternative, if you email our team we should be able to assist you.

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