Digital Cameras

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When buying a Digital Camera it is important to note

There are Digital Compact Cameras and Digital SLR Cameras

with All digital cameras the number of MegaPixels does NOT determine the quality of the camera or the pictures

The number of MegaPixels determines ONLY the size of the picture

Picture Quality is determined by the number of Pixels Per Inch or Per Centimeter

A 1.2 MegaPixel camer will give you good quality postcard size photos

A 10 MegaPixel camera will give you VERY LARGE photos

You should also note that you can reduce the size of a picture from a 10 megapixel camera without losing quality

But you can not increase the size of a picture from a 1.2 megapixel camera without losing quality

There are two different types of zoom on digital cameras Optical zoom and Digital zoom

Optical zoom actually gives you close up pictures without losing any picture quality

Forget about digital zoom as it is totally useless and is exactly the same as enlarging a picture on your PC

just like enlarging pictures from a low megapixel camera using digital zoom will give very poor quality pictures

A camera with 5 magapixels and 5X optical zoom will be good enough for good quality family and holiday photos

Many compact digital cameras have what is known as Shutter Lag

this is where you press the button to take the picture but there is a short delay before the picture is taken

Digital SLR Cameras do not have shutter lag and take the picture the instant you press the button

you can also change the lenses on many digital slr cameras and there are a wide variety of lenses available for different uses

Many digital slr cameras are now quite inexpensive and are not difficult to use

A compact digital camera with 5 magapixels and 5X optical zoom will give you good quality family and holiday photos

A good quality 10 megapixel compact digital camera with 5X zoom will give you excellent pictures

but for about the same price you can get a Basic digital slr camera that may allow you to be more creative

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