Digital Glossary - E

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E.C.M.- Entitlement Control Measure. A component of the electronic key system (sometimes called the Multisession Key) and is transmitted encrypted to control the descrambling process. Its use has been perverted(?) by some satellite operators to carry specific programme pricing information. Jokingly said also to stand for Electronic Counter Message.

E.I.T. - Event Information Table. Part of the SI which is used to transmit information about events (programmes) in the MPEG transport stream. The DVB mandate the transmission of details about the present and following events for the multiplex concerned; the ITC mandate the transmission of present-and-following for the other five terrestrial multiplexes; beyond that it is optional whether to use the EIT to provide comprehensive listings (ESG) or to transmit an EPG as privately defined data.

ELEVATION - The vertical angle between an antenna's reception path and the horizontal.

ENCRYPTION - Technique of encoding a signal so that it is unwatchable without decoding equipment. Encrypted signals are usually reconstructed using a decoder. Also known as scrambling.

ENHANCED DATA BROADCAST - An enhanced data broadcast is one which allows the viewer to select and view various pages of information but there is no connection to a remote server via the telephone or other return path. Interactive data services build on this concept by adding the return path (sometimes called the back channel) by which the viewer may choose additional information or services.

ENHANCED TV - See interactive TV

E.P.G. - Electronic Program Guide. A guide showing programmes, which can be displayed on a conventional television (via a STB) or iDTV as the now and next programmes or the television schedule for a day or more at a time.

E.R.P. - Effective Radiated Power. Refers to the power of a channel or mux from a transmitter in watts (W) or kilowatts (kW).

E.S.G. - Electronic Service Guide. The ESG is a basic navigation system resident in the receiver or set-top unit which uses programme schedule supplied by broadcasters in open SI. As such it is non-proprietry

E.T.S.I. - The European Telecommunications Standards Institute. The body responsible for technical standards in television in Europe, which stands below the world standards authorities ITU and ISO

EVENT TIMER - A programmable timer built into many satellite receivers, which switches on and changes channels for unattended video recording.

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