Digital Glossary - H

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HAVi - Home Audio/Video Interoperability. We are fast approaching a time when users will find it necessary to be able to connect their digital AV appliances to create home entertainment networks. For different brands of AV electronics appliances to be interconnected and interoperated, each appliance must incorporate middleware that contains certain software elements common to all appliances on the network. HAVi is a means of interconnecting and controlling AV electronics appliances in an in-home network based on IEEE-1394.

HD READY - Generic term relating to equipment suitable for the reception, recording and viewing of video and audio. Two common formats are 720p/50 and 1080i/25.

H.D.C.P. - High Digital Content Protection. Copyright protection system available on HD equipment such as connectors, displays or set-top boxes. Helps prevent being viewed or recorded on unauthorised equipment.

H.D.D. - Hard Disk Drive.

H.D.M.I. - High Definition Multimedia Interface. High-definition connection for video and audio. Works by sending uncompressed video and audio in the display equipment through a single cable.

H.D.T.V. - High Definition Television. A high quality television standard which uses 1080 scan lines (instead of 625) to display a television picture (frame).

HORIZON TO HORIZON - A compact molar mount that allows a wide range of movement and accurate tracking of satellites. Also known as "H-H".

HOTSPOT - A graphical box or other object on the screen that the viewer can interact with.

HTML - Hypertext Mark-up Language. HTML is the language of the web. It consists of blocks of text and images with embedded instructions on how it is to be presented by the browser. What makes HTML of interest to digital television is the amount of content which is being created in HTML. Creating content costs money and costs can be amortised by reusing or reversioning content for Internet use, for CD-ROMs and for digital television. HTML based information could permit truly local news on digital television, could allow advertisers to link adverts to more information for use by interested viewers, etc.

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