Digital Glossary - J

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JAVA - An object oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems which is designed to be small, simple and portable across platforms and operating systems. It has come to prominance as an extention to HTML coding for the Internet. A cut-down version, dubbed personal Java, has great attractions as the virtual machine for the digital set-top box. and forms part of nearly all developments by API suppliers. It has recently been adopted by the DVB Project for use in the multimedia home platform (MHP) standards.

JOINT STEREO - A coding option in MPEG for exploiting the redundancy between left and right audio channels and transmitting at 192kb/sec.

JPEG - Joint Picture Expert Group. JPEG stands for Joint Picture Expert Group, which preceded MPEG. It dealt only with still pictures but the standard was adapted and adopted widely for moving , so-called Motion JPEG or M-JPEG. The snag is that one manufacturer's Motion JPEG decoder probably won't read another's signal correctly.

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