Digital Glossary - N

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NAVIGATION - The process by which the viewer is able to find wanted programmes in the multi-channel situation.

NICAM - Near Instantaneous Companded Audio Multiplex. The standard used to broadcast stereo sound in an analogue broadcast.

N.I.T. - Network Information Table. One of the four mandatory Service Information tables transmitted with every digital broadcast to identify itself.

NOISE FIGURE - A measure of the performance (noise contribution) of an LNB in decibels. A lower figure is better.

NON-SUBSIDISED DIGIBOX - An installer can buy this at any non-discounted price.

NOW AND NEXT - Slang for the present and following events in an Event Information Table.

N.T.S.C. - (National Television Standards Commitee) TV transmission standard used in America and parts of Asia.

NVOD - Technique used in digital Satellite and Cable services using several channels to transmit a feature film with staggered start times. The principle is simple. If you've got more channels than you know what to do with, why not use a block of, say, six of them to play the film with staggered start times. That way your viewer is never more that 20 mins away from the start of the film whenever he (or she) sits down.

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