Digital Tv Stick for Laptop and Home Computers

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I have decided to write this guide after having some totally stupid suggestions from a seller as to how to get a "USB TV STICK" working.

Some of the things to beware of are -  

  • The amount of  these that have come from abroad with no brand name at all, the makers are too embarassed to put their name on it.
  • Ask the seller the following questions - In a good digital reception area will I be able to receive a picture indoors with the supplied area ? On a good  "BRAND"  make you will,  With a poor quality or Brandless make, toss a coin up the air and I bet you still lose.
  • Can I use it on a  "USB EXTENSION", - with a good  "BRAND"make  yes of course you can it would be silly not to expect it. On a poor quality or Brandless, well hay lets toss a coin again we might strike lucky.
  • Does it come with a manual - Now yes you would thinkso wouldnt you. You should be getting good at tossing that coin now.
  • There is liitle point Judging sellers by feedback as a lot of buyers leave feedback as soon as they received the goods and before they have tested them, also a lot of buyers do not bother because they will receive a negative in return for no reason.

The following is extracts from an email sent to me by a seller after I had purchased one these poor branded items unknowingly.

  •  Hi, Here are a list of some problems and solutions, I hope this helps:
    If you are unable to pick up a signal with the supplied aerial it may be because the signal is too weak for it. Please connect an external aerial to the adapter (supplied) and then try to scan for channels again.  
  • Please note: I had to go right back to the point where the aerial had not been through Sky or VCR or DVD.
    If they were in the loop then I still got no signal but once I removed them it worked fine.
  • Some people have found that it MIGHT works best if you open up the blaze video software (i.e. double click the blaze video icon on your desktop) before you insert the USB stick
  • The blue LED on the stick should light up when the USB stick has tuned into a channel with a good signal. It is not a power ON/OFF light. Please ensure that all the connectors are firmly attached, in particular, the connector that attaches to the DVB-T Stick should click into place.
  • Please connect the DVB-T stick directly into the USB port of your PC or Laptop, using a USB extension or USB Hub can interfere with the signal.
  •  If you have installed the software correctly and have attached an external aerial and still cannot pick up channels then it may be that you have a faulty item. The most likely cause has been a faulty mini-wire (external aerial lead). To confirm this is the problem, please push the connector that goes into the USB stick firmly (and hold) while it is scanning. If you get channels this way then this is the culprit. I have these in stock and can send you a new one to try.

Thank You

LoveDigital UK  <------- ( THE SELLER)


And then some more when it appeared I had to watch Tv on my laptop connected to the ariel point where my large tv used to be in. It looks like the same place I had sat and watched Tv the day before, cant remember now why wanted a portable tv on my Laptop. OH YES I CAN TO BE PORTABLE AND TRAVEL WITH MY LAPTOP. Not stuck in the living room connected to a roof ariel.

Here is some more from the seller

  •  So, yes I do expect faulty items. However, 99% of items returned to me are not faulty, that is why I offer so many possible suggestions to get it working.
  • People buy from Ebay because they want things CHEAP. That is what I offer, CHEAP ITEMS and yes there are things that you DO NOT GET, eg. PROPER INSTRUCTIONS or technical assistance.
  • Your item, SHOULD work perfectly when it is connected to a ROOPTOP ARIEL. As you say it is still giving you a poor signal, I suspect it MAY BE FAULTY. There are two options now, I can send you a new external aerial adapter (which is usually the cause of the problem, I only offer this option to save you the COST and EFFORT of returning the item to me).



So there you go make sure the one you get does at least have a brand name, it dont mean much but the maker isnt embarassed. but mind out for sellers who believe you are only interested in buying CHEAP FAULTY stock that has to be connected to a ROOF TOP

Best Wishes to you all

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