Dirt Pro gy200

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You may think that these chinese bikes may be suspect because their cheap.......well all i can say is if you just want a very very cheap run around or go green laning without worrying about breaking something thats very expensive then all i can say is BUY ONE NOW.........i own a GSX1400  and truley love this bike but i miss riding when the weather is real bad....so i decided seeing as i have salisbury plain as my back garden then why not try some green laning/off roading. What i didn't want to do is spend alot of money on something i've not done before especially as jap off roaders will cost you the earth even for a OLD second hand one!!! in comes the Chinese!!!

i think i should tell you  i'm 6ft2 and weigh in at a good 17 stone and the Dirt Pro gy200 carried me with no problems what so ever(tho i'm sure i look a little to big lol)...i ordered it from china parts who are on here for 800 quid delivered with a years tax and registered (less hassle for you) it came two days later in its crate pretty much together but you do need to have some mechanical know how to finish it off....but its very simple just need a socket set and some spanners......after searching on the internet for advice etc all i can say is when you put the bike together my advice (as of many others to)is take your time loc titing every nut and bolt thats not on the engine you can find (add spring washers to if you can) its actually quite rewarding doing this.......i got it insured for 130 quid 3rd party (i use it for green laning only) and i'm 34 so pretty damn cheap if you ask me

I took it out today off roading (had 1 mile on the clock) and it was brilliant...coming down from a 1400 i noticed a BIG difference on the road but thats mainly down to the sproket set up (if you want to use it for road use then you will reap the rewards in getting larger sprockets again from china parts) off road it was fantastic and i couldn't stop giggling it had plenty of power (tho i don't think it will leap over buses) i came off it once at about 20mph and only the gear selector was bent but she worked fine after......got her back and cleaned her down and everything looks fine....but i will have a good look over it tomorrow just to be sure

If you what something to pose on and look good then stay clear as this is CHEAP biking, but if you want a work horse that you don't mind working a little on now and then, then all i can say is BUY ONE NOW

PARTS are EASY to get hold of and are alot cheaper than any jap bike!!! 32 quid to tax for a year and 130 quid insurance for a year now thats cheap biking if you ask me

Hope this helps and if you have any question then you can always ask me on here


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