Dishwasher repairs (Bosch)

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When the dishwasher stops working, its rubber gloves at 20 paces but it might not be as bad as you think !!

 I am passing on my experience that I found, it may NOT apply in many cases, but it may be worth a look BEFORE it goes on Ebay as 'spares or repairs' or down to the tip.

 I was lucky enough to buy a Bosch built-in dishwasher ( Model No. SGV43A3GB/46 for 1 penny !! , yes you read right !!)  with the complaint that it does not wash very well and that the water does not seem to get hot. I bought it for spares for my own one (just in case !!).

On bringing it home, I tried it, it filled, started washing, and kept going ?? on checking, the water was cold so the program could not continue as it was waiting for the water to heat up which was not happening.

 As I was curious as to the fault, I looked deeper (also checking the cost of a replacement heater on Ebay, nearly £100.00 ouch !! so not worth repairing) so I thought that I would check the heater unit only to find it was OK (used a meter ).

 At this point, decided that I would remove as many usable parts before taking it down to the tip.

  I took the door apart where all the controls are to find the main electronic 'brain' that controls all the programs and again being curious as to what was inside it, removed it from the door and opened it up.

 I found a printed circuit board with about 5 or 6 relays on it and on one of them, the pin had come unsoldered ?? SO, I resoldered it, put it back and tried it---GUESS WHAT, it now works fine, heating the water and running normally.

 So if you have a similar problem with yours, remove the plug out of the socket for the machine and take the control box out of the door and have a look, its quite easy to get to, remove 6,  20 torq screws, 4 on the top and 1 either side and the front panel becomes free, IF YOU WERE GOING TO GET RID OF IT ANYWAY, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE.

 WAS I LUCKY ?? or could other similar models has the same problem ??  I dont know!! . If you read this and decide to have a look and find similar problems and manage to repair your dishwasher, can you drop me a line and tell me. If I can save someone some money, that would be great.

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