Disney Pirate DVDs - How Sellers try to fool you.

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Sellers have become very clever in their efforts to pass off an import or pirated Disney DVD.

With many original DVDs being out of print, for a couple of pounds, they can make

How to spot a fake Disney Animated Classic DVD, with auctions advertised as:

1) Region 0. ALL Disney DVDs are region 2 coded. They have never produced Region 0 in the UK

2) DVD may differ from photo. Cheap import or copy

3) E-mail me if you are not sure what you are buying. Illegal pirated copy.

4) Posted in plastic sleeve to reduce postage costs. Illegal pirated copy.

5) 99.99% from sellers from Asian Countries (Thailand, etc) are illegal pirate copies.

6) Two of the WORST offenders are POWERSELLERS using 1 day auctions to sell their pirated copies.

7) Not a copy, but a factory produced import. Still illegal pirated copies no matter how it's listed.

8) 4 films on 1 DVD, etc. Illegal pirate copies

9) Region 2 imports. No such thing. An import is an illegal pirated copy.

10) Hologramed import. No such thing. Genuine Region 2 DVDs ONLY have a hologram

11) Platinium editions. No such thing for Region 2. Region 1 DVDs only are platinium editions.

12) DTS banner across the top of the front of artwork. Illegal Asian copies.

So, there you have it. Plenty of information to avoid being caught out!!!!

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