Disposing of commercial fridges and freezers

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Questions from previous customers:

Q, I have an old commercial fridge that doesn’t work. Can I dispose of it?
A, You cannot take your commercial fridge to your local refuse dump. They will not accept it. The refuse dump will only accept domestic fridges. Your commercial fridge has to be recycled. Also, it is classed as environmentally hazardous, because it contains harmful chemicals which need to be dealt with correctly. The government has set guidelines on disposing refrigeration equipment, which have to be followed.

Q, Will you take my old fridge?
A, No, we can’t offer that service, as you have to transport your fridge to an official commercial waste company.

Q, Where can I take (dump) my old commercial fridge?
A, If you are based in London, you can take your old commercial refrigeration equipment to:

EMR (commercial waste company).
106 Scrubs Lane, Willesden, London, NW10 6QY
Tel: 020 8969 1116
Fax: 020 8960 7896
More info: Prices vary depending on the weight, but last time we checked (Sept 06) they charged about £60 for a large upright commercial fridge. If your fridge weighs more than 200Kg, you will require additional documentation. Please call 020 8969 1116 for more info.

There are other commercial waste depots in the UK that will dispose of your refrigeration equipment, all can be found on:
www  letsrecycle  com

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