Do Not buy your wedding dress from china or on ebay.

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After reading many comments from other members on ebay about the horrid wedding dresses they have recevied from china etc i have to say im a little sad for you girls.

There are very good reasons why you should only buy from a Bridal shop.And no.....they dont rip brides off.

Think about it ...They have to cover cost like pay rent,staff and shipping etc.

Do you really think your getting an "amazing and stunning "etc dress for £27.99 !!!!

There is no way you will get a beautiful silk, satin, the perfect cut and hand beading for this price.Did you ever think about what these "bridal companys" pay the staff...2p a day???Does that make you feel good knowing your exploting these women??? 

And its totally against the law.These China companys are coping the designers.

One thing a bride should never do is cheaper her day with a cheap Bargin dress....If it seems to good to be true it normally is. 

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