Do You Have Enough Pond Liner?

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Do You Have Enough Pond Liner?

One of the most crucial aspects of constructing your pond is ensuring that you have enough pond liner. Having too little pond liner will mean a sudden rethink in the size of your pond or, worse still, will give you a pond is that is only watertight some of the time.

When measuring your pond you need to consider not just the length and width that you pond will take on the ground, but also the depth of the pond into the ground i.e. you need to know the pond's volume.

With your measurements to hand, you can order your rubber pond liner via the Swell website or call into our store. Our friendly staff will help you choose the right rubber pond liner for your needs and ensure that you get enough of it.

A good rule of thumb is to measure your pond and then add a couple of feet to both measurements. This will allow your rubber pond liner to sit slightly proud of your hole in the ground ensuring that your pond is fully watertight and that your pond water does not seep away.

Most rubber pond liners offer some resistance to the sun although prolonged exposure can damage the pond lining and therefore cause your pond to leak; most pond enthusiasts also don't want a big rubber border surrounding their pond! For this reason the extra expanse of pond liner can be covered by turf, decorate rocks or pond planting. Not only does this help to protect the pond liner but it also helps your pond to blend into the aesthetic of your garden.

For detailed information on the resistance of rubber pond liners to UV rays and uneven ground, ask a member of the Swell UK pond team.

With your pond dimensions taken and your pond's position within your garden set, the final consideration before purchasing your rubber pond liner is suitability. We've already talked a little about a pond liner's resistance to UV rays and ways in which you can further protect your liner, but you may also need to consider the pond liner's effect on the future the inhabitants of your pond.

For decorate ponds this is not so much of an issue as water plants and water insects will not be effected by your rubber pond liner. However if you plan to keep frogs or fish in your pond then you may need to invest in a pond liner that will degrade over time naturally without releasing toxins into the water.

For advice about choosing liner for your pond call 08456 589 599

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