Do You Suspect eBay Seller Has Counterfeits?

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by Joseph K. Levene                                                   


Do you suspect an eBay Seller Sells Counterfeits?




Do you want to know more about eBay Seller who has numerous Andy Warhol Works for sale? 

  • Do you want to know more about that eBay Seller, located in Switzerland, who has endless supply of what look like signed Andy Warhol Reproductions, mostly removed from Books?
  • Do you think the eBay Lot you just viewed is just too good to be true?
  • Why do Art Sellers conceal feedback by making their feedback private?
  • Art Sellers with questionable material conceal feedback from unhappy eBay customers and poor feedback. 


A Bad Sign 

It is one thing to conceal a Buyer's name when making an eBay lot/auction private, but concealing historical eBay feedback should be an immediate signal that something is inappropriate about that Seller; at the very least, ask questions.

There are thousands of eBay Sellers, many with feedback that on the surface appears terrific, yet they actually sell obvious fakes, counterfeits and what appear to be signed reproductions by: Edgar Degas, Keith Haring, David Hockney, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Cindy Sherman, Donald Sultan, Frank Stella, Wayne Thiebaud, Andy Warhol and even purported lifetime Prints by Rembrandt.

Some eBay Sellers sell Signed Warhol Reproductions!

How is that possible? 

  • It is highly unlikely since the eBay Lot is described as an Andy Warhol Reproduction published in 1989; after all, Andy Warhol passed away in 1987.
  • These so called Andy Warhol Lots are just worthless reproductions that look appealing because of the inclusion of a purported Andy Warhol Signature!  Often these sellers have numerous lots, all with worthless images, all mysteriously signed!  For purported Andy Warhol lots, it is usually a reproduction, but never documented in the Andy Warhol Prints Catalogue Raisonne edited by Feldman & Schellmann For Picasso, it is generally a publication from Maeght or an unlimited edition from a Cahiers d'Art, but never limited edition Print that is documented in the Pablo Picasso Print Catalogue Raisonne written by Georges Bloch.
  • For years, Joseph K. Levene Fine Art, Ltd. has maintained eBay should hire department heads to immediately void listings so eBay implements a system to eliminate the majority of fakes before the issue escalates, obviating thousands of dollars wasted due to fraud 24/7.  
Fake Andy Warhol Sold on Auctionata

A COA does not automatically mean it is authentic

Professional Dealers and astute Collectors recognize many eBay sellers generate listings that include numerous fakes, reproductions and incorrectly documented works, many with fake COA's that are clearly worthless; unfortunately novice collectors are not so fortunate. The only bond these Sellers share is zero respect for eBay Buyers and many deceive eBay buyers with low selling price bait. There is usually a reason the price is low; because these lots have no value.

Auctionata Has Sold Counterfeits 

Auctionata, that new start up that is headquartered in Germany, is also known for selling Counterfeit Art & reproductions, none of which are covered by the erroneous and misleading Auctionata guarantee.  

For more on this subject, do a Google search and read: 

Auctionata Guarantee Is A Guaranteed Risk
by Joseph K. Levene & Robert Grunder on The Fine Art Blog  

 "Auctionata Guarantee Is A Guaranteed Risk" on The Fine Art Blog

Hyperbole, documentation errors, mistakes, accepted norm at Auctionata 

Like Auctionata, eBay has thousands of counterfeit art listings 24/7 as evidenced by the lack of a meaningful consumer protection program;  after all, how can obvious fakes be guaranteed by PayPal?
The lack of a systematic policy to protect eBay Art Buyers from fraud demonstrates that even in 2013, eBay prefers listing revenue instead of meaningful consumer protection.  

Be sure the Fine Art Lot you purchase on eBay is  Fine Art, NOT Fake Art 
It's a mistake you don't want to make.


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All Fine Art sold by Joseph K. Levene Fine Art Ltd is GUARANTEED for Authenticity.

33% eBay Lots Sold Over $5K

One third of eBay lots sold by   Joseph K. Levene Fine Art, Ltd. sell over $5,000 and 20% of all eBay lots sold are sold for over $10,000. Check-out our   100% positive eBay Feedback  to view descriptions and prices of Fine Art sold on eBay by  Joseph K. Levene Fine Art, Ltd. Other Art sellers, many who are eBay Power Sellers, often sell hundreds of lots on eBay, most under $25.  Joseph K. Levene Fine Art, Ltd. may not make as many eBay sales, but that's because our Average Selling Price (ASP) is over four figures.   

3 Decades Multifaceted Fine Art Experience

Joseph K. Levene, a Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol Print authority, has 3 decades of multifaceted Fine Art experience, including perspective as Art Dealer, Online Gallery, Fine Art Executive and Collector. Joseph K. Levene, a Wharton Business School graduate, was previously President/COO, Petersburg Press, Inc., the International Fine Art Publisher; Director e-commerce, artnet; Invited Charter Member, Sothebys Online Fine Art Auctions.    

Selling Fine Art Online For 15 Years 

Joseph K. Levene Fine Art, Ltd. was invited by Sotheby's to join a select group of Professional Fine Art Sellers on Sotheby's Online Art Auctions. Sotheby's required each Seller Guarantee Authenticity and Condition of all Fine Art Lots offered on its auction site. Our Sotheby's Clients recognized the importance of a guarantee of Authenticity, especially for significant online Fine Art purchases. In addition to selling Fine Art online on eBay since 1999,  Joseph K. Levene Fine Art, Ltd. sells Guaranteed Authentic Fine Art Online on Artsy, Art Fix Daily, Saatchi, Bonanza.

View eBay Collections from  Joseph K Levene Fine Art LtdSome Internet Sellers, Auctions and Galleries claim Art for Sale is problem-free, even when the photographs are contrary.
  • Many Internet Art Sellers, Galleries and Auction Personnel often do not provide objective Condition Reports.
  • Many Art Sellers are not knowledgeable, including Art Galleries, Auction Houses, Online Auctions, etc.
  • Other Sellers of Art are purposely deceptive because they know the truth will ruin the possibility of a sale.
  • Some Sellers are purposely misleading to deceive the unsuspecting Art Buyer.
  • Many eBay sellers prefer not including a condition statement since that information will only decrease price.
  • Others omit "condition" on Invoices, if they even supply one, because it may create a potential liability.

Compromised Art is often offered for sale in Online Auctions with incorect Condition Statements.  While the Lot will will state something to the effect "no damage to the Lot", the Photographs clearly show otherwise. This is not an instance of occurring once, but seems to be occurring with frequency.

Only Purchase Fine Art from Reputable and Professional Fine Art Dealers
Having a relationship with a Professional Art Dealer will always pay off in the long run. Many Art Sellers are not Professional; some have not even inspected the Art for sale, nor have the connseurship to know if is compromised.  Why risky your hard earn money on a maybe bargain?

Famous Name Auction Houses Can Be Inaccurate About Condition
You should not be fooled by famous Auction House Names as a guarantee of condition. Even famous name Auction Houses can be incorrect about condition. Since all condition statements provided by Auction Houses are merely opinions, and nothing more, always inspect the Lot yourself if you are knowledgeable, or hire an expert to do so on your behalf.

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