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Some people approach ebay with trpidation and fear saying that it's full of all sorts of scams and fake items. While there may be a lot of that, there are still honest, honourable sellers out there and the truth of the matter is that if you can exercise patience and do a little work, you'll probably get a deal better than you can anywhere else sent right to your doorstep.

The essence of this guide is to try, from time to time, shar experiences or tips on making your ebay patronage a worthwhile experience. One thing to note is that setting up your account with ebay via paypal is secure. Many are quite sceptical about puttiung their bank details on the net. While there are a lot of hungry people out there looking for your identity, there are things you can do to keep it safe. If you can help it. don't use a public pc to do anything sensitive. This cannot be over emphasised cos you will not know what kind of software they have runnning on it that could be logging all the things you type in. Browsing from home or office are normally good places to do such things and assume this is the case with most of us. Anyway, i want to dwell more on the ebay aspect.

Where in the world could you go and have a global market at your fingertips??? Ebay presents that opportunity to literally shop form all over the world. While you may not want to buy an item that is situated on the other side of the globe, it certainly does let you know what is hot in different parts of the globe and what a global market really is. With this comes the issue of all sorts of people putting up goods, good or bad, functional or dysfunctional and all kinds of people, the good, the bad and the ugly. How does one escape these? I will tell you some tips without the use of third party software cos there are so many and i really don't use them not that i wouldn't but let this be a commonsense guide to shopping on ebay.

First of all, do not be fooled by feedback. I have seen instances of people that registered a day before and have a feedback score of 300!!! How is that possible? each transaction takes time. Let's face it. If you win a bid, you may not pay for it immediately, even if you did it would take at least a few days before you get the item, assess it and then leave feedback. Be very suspicious of such people.

Also, if you are bidding on an item, look ate what other sellers are doing on the same item and look at the progress of the bids. Would you not question the authenticity of pure bidding if the average bid for an item is $30 and someone bids $60??? In fact, I have also seen how such people bid the same humongous amount on several items as if their entry bid on all items was $60 irrespective of what the previous bid was and they never ended up buying the item. In some instances, i checked to see what that userid actually does buy and in one case, the person has never bought anything above $2!!!! In my mind, I ask is this oerson oushing up the bids for the seller on purpose to make it look like it's a really hot item? Don't let it fool you.

Apart from this, it is always useful to get familiar if possible with the genuine product before you buy. I have been smitten by this before and it ended going south. If it's a clothing item or even a device, go to the shops and check out the features carefully to be armed with knowledge on what to look out for. If a logo is in a particular way, do not allow for any deviation from it on the item being bidded for. If the picture is not clear, ask for clarification. Don't be under any pressure to buy an item you are not fully convinced about except you can take the loss in case it doesn't meet your expectation. Don't think leaving bad feedback will solve it cos it goes both ways. If i have to leave bad feedback, i know i will get the same so am prepared for it after using every means possible to resolve it. In some cases i will just count my loss and move on giving good feedback but sometimes you meet a ifficult person and negative feedback is inevitable. Don't worry about it cos a track record is more important and any sensible person will be able to see that.

Always ask yourself if things go bad, can you bear the loss? If you can, you are less likely to be disappointed.

Let me also share how you can check up on users that seem to be behavine mischieviously. If you click on the advanced search link at the top right of your screen, put the user id of the person in question to search out if a bidder, what the person has or is bidding on. It will tell you if the bidder is a seriuous one or is just pumping up the bids for an item. When i see this i normally don't bother bidding for the item cos it could be the user is bidding for the advantage of the seller not the buyer. If i can get something for $30, why should i want to pay $100. Ebay is all about getting a fair deal for an item. Many items are gotten at low prices for all sorts of reasons. Maybe the item was not noticed for sale, or at that time, there is no demand or those that may be interested can't get to a pc at the time or are not fluid enough to bid and buy at that time. All kinds of factors can determine things. If the item is solde from another country could determine the number or value of bids for an item. Genuine people are generally cautious so should you.

Well, go on then, get busy and have fun at it. There's a world of opportunity here on ebay.




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