Do buy tattoo transfer or stencil fluid,get the right

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Hi, Just put a few thing clear, its good theres people like andytattoo out there letting us be warned,

BUT do buy tattoo stencil fluid ,

Its what it is ,\this is for tattoo artist to transfer tattoo stencils made on spirt paper, Hecto paper , some of the fluids use detol type smells buy there not just detol .

There not intended for transferring temporary tattoo, or Hena type pencil transfers, these may require different fixing fluids,

The tattoo stencil fluids listed are intended for hecto paper transfer , not common carbon paper nor temporary tattoo making with hena etc,

So thank for the warning but , you used the wrong fluid for a purpose it was not intended for . a better listing for the fluid that you should have looked for andytattoo.

Would have been temporary hena tattoo application fluid. has you also said your not a tattoo artist, but I am . Hope this helps clear things up for some off the poor people feeling robbed but have a product that works for what it was intended for.

Be careful if your not sure what your doing , ask the seller.

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