Do ebay actually care about sellers? We'll see....

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Well here is the situation,

I have been on ebay for over 5 years now and selling strong for the past 2 years, as a business for the past year. Never before have I been scammed by someone but bam!! one day a bidder buys 47 copies of the same product and doesnt respond to emails or the invoice.

My next step is to email ebay about the problem.

I go through ebays extremly confusing and totally useless 'Contact Us' system and tell them my problem.

'I have had a bidder buy 47 Copies of the same Digtial Product from me in an obvious ploy to get me out of business, I managed to stop the sales at 47 by ending the item (this could have gone on to 1000 copies). I want the sales removed from my account because they are not legitimate (I mean come on? Do you really think thats right?)'.

So what do ebay respond with?

Email the bidder and see what they say.... DID YOU ACTUALLY READ MY EMAIL?

What is it with huge corporations and standard email templates?

So I sent ebay a second email explaining why I want them removed and the fact that these purchases have sent my fees up by £76.00 which I am just not willing to pay.

Now I know that I wont have to with the report a non payment feature but that means I have to do 47 seperate disputes all one by one.

So here I am waiting for a response from ebay about my problem and I am asking myself.....


Maybe it was ebay that did this just to get the Interest on my fees before they reimburse me?

Is ebay really a safe place to trade anymore?

I urge sellers to watch this space because it seems all to often that we get into these situations and ebay dont do anything.



Keep this report in mind as I will be updating it regularly with this problem....



Well ebay care enough to 'Look Into' the problem but still have not cancelled the ebay account of the scammer or reimbursed me a penny. Instead they ask me to complete the Dispute console and to change my settings to only allow certain bidders through.

Whilst this is a viable option to stop bidders with no feedback it will stop some people from buying from our store which shouldnt be the case. Its Ebays Problem and they just dont seem to do anything about these scams.


Well I give ebay some credit, the guys account was cancelled in under 2 days!! and he had no feedback at all. I Thought I was going to have a harder time than that!

Well the only thing that still annoyed me was that I still have to complete all those diputes to claim back my fees which Ebay can surely sort out for me on there end.

Well on reflection ebay have done the right thing but it took some determined words from me before doing anything at all.

So here is my note to anyone in that position. Email ebay and be forcefull with what you say, dont be abusive or detramantal but just say what you think they should be doing and hopefully they will look into the problem a bit deeper. You may have to do a little but of work to claim some fees back but its better than not getting the response you were looking for in the first place.

Thankyou ebay for listening and I hope you will listen to others with their problems. Oh and thanks to all who voted!!

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