Do i really want a Nokia N95

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Well, i've had mine for a week now, and have played with it constantly!

But is it the phone for you?

The Nokia N95 is not a cheap phone, you will struggle to find it for free on a pay monthly tariff unless you go for a 18 month contract, and pay as you go is not available unless you buy it sim free from either here or from a mobile phone retailer, but then expect to pay anything between £400 - £500.

Keeping up with technology is a good thing, we always want the best, and it is in some sort away a personal reflection on yourself. Flash car, expensive watch, 50 inch HD telly etc, it all says something about yourself, so what does the N95 say. Show off, business user etc.

Well, the N95 can't be pin pointed like that, most business types go for the blueberry, most MP3 users go for a Sony Walkman phone, but the rest of us, the hardcore Nokia users that have been using Nokias since the Cityman or the 3000 series are now either N80 or N95 users.

Anyway, lets see if this is the phone for you.

Music - Yes, the N95 has stereo sound and has a jack plug for earphones, easy to use software for indexing the tracks, but if this is all you want out of the phone, then may i suggest the Sony Erricson W850i

Camera - Well, this is the 1st phone to have a 5 million pixel camera, featuring the amazing Carl Zeiss lens, these are the people who supply Sony Cameras and make the best in Microscopy, medical equipment, binoculars and photography. However it lacks optical zoom, it does have a 20x digital zoom, but because it is using digital, the image will loose quality the more you zoom, unlike optical where the lens is doing the work and therefore not loosing quality. But to have a 20x optical zoom, the phone would be about a inch thick!

3G - Well actually 3.5G to be precise, the new faster network that is spreading about, so yes you get Video Calling, faster e-mail and web browsing. Mostly in 3G mode unless you stay in certain parts of London where the new network is available.

WLAN - or Wireless networking , connect to your local hot spot or your home network and browse the network, this allows you to use a third parties internet connection, rather than the wireless one through your network provider.

Office Utils - The phone comes standard with Quickword/sheet/point which is similar to word, excel and power point, most files that i have uploaded are compatible, it also has Adobe Reader and handy converter a file zipper and a bar code scanner. Yes i have typed correctly, it uses the camera to scan bar codes!

Web browsing - Due to the N95's larger screen and superb resolution, web browsing is now easire than ever on a Mobile, type in the address and away you go, you can choose the size of the font and zoom in and out of web pages and scroll around them.

Maps (Satellite Navigation) - What other phone comes with this as standard! - Just like google earth, a map of the world is displayed, then  once three satellites are picked up, the phone then zooms in to you current location at street level as well. It is worth while downloading maps from Nokia of the most common places you will be using the phone, as every time you use this, you will be connecting to your service provider and downloading map info, which can be quite costly. You can also subscribe to enable voice controls, telling you the route to take to your chosen destination.

Memory - The phone has 80 meg of phone memory, this may sound a lot,. but can only store around 8 minutes of video footage, the phone accepts Micro SD memory cards which are widely available her on ebay, and can store up to 2 gig. Around 40 hours of music or 4 hours of video.

So, if you fall in to the faitfull to Nokia category, or just want a phone that has all the toys then this is the phone for you, however, if you are only interested in certain items, you may find a better phone, cheaper for what you want it for.

Howvere, i will warn you now. As with all the N series phones, they are just like the Windows family, prone to crashing!

Good luck with your next phone choice, hope i helped a little!!!

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