Do we sell Halo Living Leather Sofas?

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The simple answer is NO.

For every listing we place were always asked are they GENUINE Halo sofas.

Halo Living are the Worlds largest producer of Vintage Leather Sofas - They are the World leader.

We simply make our own designs/styles of Vintage Leather Sofas using identical aniline leather (Amongst our choice of 200 in store)

All of our sofas are made at our very own factory to a stunning specification.

Now buyer beware. There are loads of companies on Ebay supposedly selling GENIUNE Halo sofas. They are not! The sofas they offer are simply fakes. If they  are branding them as Halo then they are fakes. I see one company offering a Halo Turin on Ebay.... This is quiet a feather in their cap considering Halo have never made such a model.

If in doubt give Halo a call and they will put you straight.

There are plenty of companies out there like Vintage Leather Sofas & Indigo Furniture producing gorgeous quality distressed sofas but ultimately if you want the Halo brand then we cannot help.

Halo do not sell through Ebay or any other internet only retailer.
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