Do you TRUST your seller?

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To Buy or not to Buy


As with all things entering your body, its only natural you should feel concerned.

Just a brief guide to remind you to ALWAYS do the following:

  • Before you buy a health supplement on eBay, ALWAYS check the sellers feedback as both a seller and a buyer
  • Check there previous sales / current sales
  • Google the item in question & search for reviews
  • If you have decided upon a item, contact the sellers previous buyers, and ask them what they think of the item / supplement.

When you check there feedback, i would stongly recomend to AVOID at all costs any one selling 1p items such as ebooks / desktop wallpapers, you only need to use common sense on this one.

Its a well known fact that people only sell these items to build up feedback, and if they want to build up feedback so bad, they MUST have some form of ill intentions! In other words, they are untrustworthy, and i would not personally put anything into my body from such a seller.

If you wish to give your money over to some guy selling supplements who has build up there feedback on 1p sales, then thats your risk.

Please bare this advice in mind on your next purchase and remember to always do the above ^^^^^

Make sure you do your research well, and make sure to avoid the 1p ebook guys, as there must be a 'dodgey' reason as to there desperation for the feedback!



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