Do you want a FREE iPhone or other apple goodies?

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They say you can't get something for nothing.....but you can get apple goodies like the iPhone for very little work!!

Just sign up to one of the freebie websites like  << >> . All you have to do is complete one of the many offers and refer some friends to do the same. 

I chose the offer of loveFilm as I was going to get loveFilm ANYWAY so there was nothing to lose!! You get a 14 day free trial and get to access soooooo many films! 


1 The freebie website doesn't take any payment details, they just provide the link to whichever site you choose, e.g. loveFilm

2 They don't send you junk mail!!

3 You can cancel your account with them at any time, no worries.

4 If your friends take up an offer too, you will get your freebie and won't have really done very much work at all!!!

5 I know that this works, as my friend got herself a free iPhone!!

So take a look, there is nothing to lose, especially if you were thinking about getting one of the offers ANYWAY like me!! Please enter 38618 in the referral box as it will help me get my freebie!

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