Doctor Who Figures - Be Aware!

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There is a massive tendency on ebay to sell Doctor Who figure for far more than they are worth.

Please do not depend on this ite to get the figures you want for a reasonable price.

I myself have noticed that the new "Doctor Who classic" range cannot be bought on ehay for less then the retail price (plus a couple of quid, plus postage), when they have only just beeen issued, and are still available at cost price if you look on official web sites.

Whatever you do, ensure that you look around first - there is no need to pay £70 plus for the full set of 8 figures, when a bit of looking around can ensure you could get the lot for under £65!

People are also splitting the whole set so that you pay £9 plus postage for a loose figure that does not include the "build a figure" robot parts- be wary of these - it's profiteering at it's most basic level!

Ebay recently has become less of a marketplace, and more of a mercenaries playground - especially where Doctor Who is concerned - look around first!

One other classic example of how ebay is becoming a rip-off merchants paradies - I saw a "Donna Noble" series 4 figure in my local Woolworths today for £7.99 - Why did I just find one on ebay for £12.99? plus postage???



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