Dodgy seller, BEWARE del17110 (UK)

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All Buyers,

Beware of this seller. When you do not receive items that he CLAIMS to have sent and CLAIMS to have proven to Paypal that he sent (without being able to supply tracking number etc). This "seller" tries to terrorize the innocent buyers with all sorts of threats and messages from other eBay accounts.

........The guy simply goes totally bonkers when he does not succeed in scamming buyers!!!!!!! As a buyer, fortunately we are protected by paypal, if we have paid through paypal - according to this del17110 we, the buyers, and Paypal are the bad people here!!!!!!!!!!! Strange world isn't it, when everybody are guilty of scams - except this guy!!!!

What's up next from this guy - I wonder!!!!!!

The item, that I bought never arrived, he did not prove to anybody that he had actually sent it (no tracking number.........nothing!!!). He have all the time implied that I am scamming him, even after Paypal returned the monies to to me - Ever since he have tried to terrorize me with rude and threatening emails etc.

I strongly advice about having anything to do with this guy - he does not understand good civilized behavior.

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