Does Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Work? - A Detailed Review

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Does the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment work for actually growing hair? and possibly re-growing lost hair?
A group of 300 people from universities participated in a third party (independent from the Lee Stafford company and their affiliates) review - their was a good mix of males and females participating with various levels of hair conditions as well as normal hair.
...Customers reported that the treatment only artificially enhances the appearance of thicker hair...
The results were however nothing significant in terms of the Lee Stafford Hair growth treatment working as a hair re-growing method, but what did work was the products and methods listed below

Customers reported that the treatment only artificially enhances the appearance of thicker hair (not actually increasing hair growth, making hair longer past a certain point did not work either), like many apparent hair growth treatments, which are not really hair growth treatments - an obvious give-away that the treatment is not actually a treatment is when the ingredients are hidden the way they are with Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment.

So what are the top hair growth treatments that actually work?

There are a few handful products that actually work towards growing hair, but people must understand that any treatment needs you to work on many levels, not just the superficial level.

The top hair topical hair growth treatments are as follows:

1. Taoist Soap for Hair Growth: This is a very powerful soap which is specifically designed for hair growth; whether you want to increase the length of hair faster, or longer hair, or even thicken the hair - this is 100% natural and organic soap designed for the hair and scalp.

You don't have to actually use much of it to start getting results over the period of 2-3 weeks - just like how men have to shave their beards every day, the hair on the scalp can grow at this fast rate if the Taoist Handmade Soap is used along with a healthy diet. This is probably the most expensive soap you will buy, but it lasts very long, and is worth every penny - we advise to buy multiple quantities to save on postage costs as they do not charge you more on postage. 

Its made from organic ingredients only available in one part of the world, where it is exclusively harvested.

2. Head Massage for Hair Growth: Scalp massage combined with the above Taoist soap is a great effective treatment for increasing hair growth speed, but also thickening hair that is thin - if your hair is already it its best healthy condition, then you simply can use it as a hair growth accelerator, and keeping hair healthy for longer. 

3. Exercise and correct nutrition: When trying to increase hair growth quality, and getting longer hair, a good exercise routine and nutritious diet is ideal for setting the best platform for better hair. So please remember to always try to improve your diet (organic and non-GMO foods) and avoiding all foods that come in a can or packaging - so generally red meat and vegetables and leafy greens is a great diet for hair and the whole body - if you are a vegetarian then you will have a harder time getting in the B vitamins in your body, so eat vitamin B rich foods and possibly take a B complex vitamin tablet (most expensive you can find, as the cheaper ones have poor quality ingredients which are harder to absorb by the body). 
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