Does memory foam make you too hot in bed?

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There are a couple of reasons that some people say that memory foam makes you too hot:

a) Some manufacturers use very deep layers of memory foam, and tell people that the deeper the foam the better. The truth is that the optimum thickness for memory foam is 2" to 2 1/2". Less than this and it won't be enough to contour to your body. If the foam is too deep, then you will sink into it, and it will wrap around you making you too hot.

b) Mattresses with Reflex foam and memory foam don't allow air to circulate under the memory foam to remove the heat. This obviously isn't an issue with pocket sprung or open coil sprung and memory foam mattresses. Memory foam does actually absorb heat from your body which then reacts with it to soften it. So as long as the heat can then disperse there is no problem.

Personally I find that I sweat less with my memory foam mattress than I did with my previous one.

By the way, despite what some sellers will tell you, full memory foam mattresses don't exist. If they did you would sink almost the full depth of the mattress and be engulfed by it. All memory foam mattresses (toppers are a different matter), have a layer under the memory foam to give you the bounce. This layer tends to be made from either reflex Foam, pocket springs, or open coil springs.

There are now new fabrics on the market that all claim to keep you cool in summer, and warm in winter. Some of these fabrics are just wicking fabrics that take the moisture away from your body so that you don't feel clammy. Other fabrics are rather clever, and actually stabilise the temperature. The best of these fabrics (in my opinion) available at the moment is Thermocool, or Climasmart as it is also known.

If you are really sensitive to heat, then there is always the alternative of latex foam. However you need to make sure it has a 2" deep full layer, and not just in zones like some manufacturers use.


I see someone has rated this guide as unhelpful........obviously a seller who doesn't like me telling people the truth!!!!

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