Dog Toys.

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When I was asked to write a guide for #Bzzagent #gotitfree I thought - hey, it's Christmas, lets talk about dogs!

Dog toys, we don't like to leave our furry friends out at any time of the year, least of all the Christmas period, and instead of plying them with lots of extra foodie treats (Like we often do with all the extra food in the house) I find toys are a great alternative, not only to conquer boredom for them, what with the cold and wet weather, but to give them something else to do other than the usual.

Ruff and Tuff toys? destroyed

Okay so i'll admit I have tried many different toys with various dogs over the years and they have all been destroyed within seconds, so I thought, you know what, the ruff tuff toys look like the perfect solution and at over £10 a toy they have to be good right?
Wrong! These too were destroyed within minutes of giving them to the dogs. Pricey and not all that great when they claim to be indestructible.

What next?

Well, This will sound a bit odd, especially to those of you who have children and dogs.
Stuffed animals. Seriously, it's the way forward.
The only type of toy that hasn't been ripped to shreds within minutes.
I know what you're thinking; they'll be always taking the babies toys and vice versa, but I honestly have never had that problem.
Or you could go down the plastic bottle/cardboard inner tube from the loo roll/kitchen towel, even better - it comes free with what you already bought.

In Summary

SO I guess what I am trying to convey in this guide is that sometimes, the cheaper, more unusual dog toy is the best one. By all means go out and try all the toys on the market, stuffed animals are what worked for me and my dogs. Enjoy :).
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