Dog Training - DIY @ home

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I bet your someone who owns a dog / dogs and wants to know how to help them behave better!

theres plenty of TV programs on Dog Trianign such as Dog Borstal, Me or the Dog etc

But sometimes not all of us are so up to scratch at knowing what a dog thinks?! eh

We've found various dog training collars on ebay and the web online. Which work a treat, to summarise there are three types, not all are humane!

1. Ultrasonic - These collars require no intervention from YOU - the controller. They have a micro processor within a collar dog has to wear, which senses a growl or what would be the beginning of the bark and emit an ultrasonic sound which obviously only dogs can hear, which is kind of irritating because of the high pitch, result Doggie stops barking. We would rate this as Humane training method for your dog. Used and Most suitable for Constant/Reason-less barking, or simply to stop the irritating bark when you are in.

2. Vibration/Whistle - This one requires the intervention of human, and when doggie does something which you dont agree with, you press the button on a remote controller which causes a vibration of motor on the collar the dog has to wear. Or a whislte to distract the attention of the dog - ideal when you let dog off the lead in a park and need to get him/her back - Good & Humane to use.


3. Electrocution Collar- I wont even bother rating this one, becasue only a prat would use this, who isnt intelligent & again very dangerous could paralyse your dog, as most come from China & no testing....or I wonder how they test them ? Ahem....Completely unhumane and we are thoroughly against this type. I think maybe the people that use these should try wearing one all day and give me the


Hope you find this useful, and are sensible enough to make the right decision, The top 2 collars ARE NOT THE SOLUTION to behavioural problems in dogs, however with correct training form YOU the owner they help your dog behave and the end and doggie are both happy.


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