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Fussy Puppy!

Many of us dog lovers have fussy puppies when they first arrive home, at 8 weeks old mine was fussy and loved to bite so i looked up on eBay ( the best and cheapest shop). I bought this for my puppy a few weeks ago he wasn't to sure on it at first but 3 weeks on he absolutely loves it along with his squeeky toy. This means he has stopped chewing the sofa and his bed, he  still has his daft hour to hour and a half where he will chase our cat and play with him, then he will tease the at with the toy like he wants him to play with it, its pretty funny to watch all three of our pets play together. The cat isn't sure on the toys, but both of our dogs love love love the chew toys even sometimes like to play tug of war, he likes to chase our other dog around, she is 11 years old, she likes her comfort and she like to run outside. This toy was a fantastic buy it is very durable and tough to break he plays with it today and will continue to play with it till a new toy comes along or he might keep it as his favorite i would highly recommend these toys for teething little puppies to help them along their way.
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