Dog harness

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A dog harness is designed to stop dogs from pulling owners on their leads. They are made with fabric and stop your dog from pulling their leash without causing injury to neither you nor the dog. The harness straps stuns their body and their is usually a clip that allows you to attach a lead to it to control the dog. Harness come in many different sizes colours and shapes. They are designed to fit the smallest and largest of animals. Harnesses are used by lots of owners as they think that they reduce the risk of dogs breaking free, may happen with loose collars, and reduces pulling in dogs. Harnesses can be made to fit any dog and you can even customise your own. I believe that ebay has hundreds of harnesses for sale and I'm sure at least one of them will be for you and your dog. Harnesses are better for your dogs health because there isn't a collar wrapped around their neck which chokes them each time they pull and causes breathing difficulties. Harnesses wrap around your dogs waist and do not cause any harm whatsoever to your dog.
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