Dolce and & Gabbana Jewellery and Clothing

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Thankfully eBay has cleared up the sale of fake D&G jewellery on eBay but there are still some fakes out there,

D&G watches NEW, are anything from £80 to £300 in the shops and probably higher, if you are planing on purchasing one, look at the style you like in a high street shop then check on eBay.

There are a few things to watch for.  The genuine article will have the Dolce and Gabbana branding on the rear of the watch face and also on the rear of the cross on the rosary beads,  they will come with a holographic card which is the guarantee and the new range comes in leather branded pouches too.

If you have a problem with your D&G jewellery, all items purchased from a shop, have a years warranty.  So, weigh this up when purchasing your item.

With clothing, the range normally has a holographic sticker on the inside of the label, which if it is new - will not peel off easily, if it does then you probably have bought a counterfeit, check the label is stitched in straight, check that the seams are finished well, in Italy a D&G blouse will set you back the equivalent of £60 UK £.  Copies can be purchased in Asia and Turkey for a few pounds.  If a seller has lots of them selling for £15/£20 they are either selling at a huge loss *as this is cheaper than wholesale (work for D&G, then question the means that they got them) or are selling counterfeits

Please do not purchase counterfeit items, as they devalue this prestigious brand and encourage sweatshop child labour.

If you see something which you suspect to be fake, please report it.

Good luck on eBay
Suz xx
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Please have a look in store
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