Dolls House Miniature Scales

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If you are looking for the basic information about the scales used in the dolls housing hobby - here you are.

Play Scale

This is a generic term that is used to describe the scal used for Sindy, Barbie and other fashion dolls of that size.

12th Scale

The most common and easily available scale is 1/12th scale, or if you are shopping in America the 1 inch scale.

These are easily available, and the simplist to work out. 1 inch = 1 foot, so a 12 inch cushion would measure 1 inch in this scale.

16th Scale

Not easily available in new houses, it was a popular scale a few decades ago.The makers Lunby frequently worked to this scale. Most houses within this scale are vintage, and may be in need of some sensitive renovation. It is also a popular scale in the US.

24th Scale

The next most common size is the 24th scale, or if buying in America, the 1/2 inch scale.

Being smaller, they take up much less space, so they are ideal if the hobby starts to take over your home - as it has in my case.

Using the same comparison as above, 1/2 inch = 1 foot, so your cushion will now measure 1/2 inch square.

Although growing in popularity, they are not as widely available as its larger cousin.

48th scale

The next size down, and fairly new on the scene is the 1/48th scale, or, if you can find them in America, the 1/4 inch scale.

Your calculations of 1/4 inch = 1 foot, now makes your cushion 1.4 inch square, so as you can imagine, it is very fiddly.

They are not widely available, so you may have to adapt your existing plans to work in this size - best of luck.

1/144th scale

these are minute, and are in a highly specialised corner of the hobby.

In effect they are 1/12th scale for your 1/12 scale. In this scale, you are lucky if you can see your cushion!!!

They can vary from a simple external model, to highly skilled pieces of artisan work.

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