Dolls House Scales

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A Guide to Popular Dolls House Scales

1:12 Scale

By far the most popular scale for modern dolls houses is 1:12 scale or 12th scale.  This scale is also commonly known as one inch scale because 12" (1 foot) equates to 1" in miniature.  Because this scale is so popular, it is generally safe to assume that new dolls houses and miniatures you see for sale are 1:12 scale unless otherwise stated.  Due to it's popularity there is a vast range of dolls houses and accessories to choose from.  If starting off in the dolls house hobby this is probably the best scale to choose.

1:24 Scale

1/24th. scale is also commonly known as half inch scale because one foot equates to half an inch in miniature.  Although much less common than 1:12 scale this scale is growing in popularity and the range of houses and accessories is growing.  It is now possible to find most items to decorate, light and furnish a dolls house in 1:24 scale, but the choice is nowhere near as great as for 1:12 scale.  This scale is quite popular with crafys people who often make a lot of their own dolls house accessories themselves by hand. 

Smaller Scales

Much smaller scales have started to appear recently.  These include 1:48 scale right down to 1:144 scale.  These dolls houses are much smaller than conventional dolls houses and this is very much a specialist area.  Very little is available to decorate and furnish these houses so items would have to be made from scratch.

1:16 Scale

Vintage dolls houses were usually made in 1:16 scale and many of these houses are still in existence.  Unfortunately, this scale is not supported by the current dolls house trade, but there are a number of dealers who specialise in used vintage dolls house accessories.  Also there are usually a few vintage items to be found on ebay.

What Scale Is My Dolls House?

The best way to determine the scale of your dolls house is to take measurements of parts which can be compared to those of a full size house such as door sizes and ceiling heights etc..   For example, a ceiling height of 9' in a full size house would be equivalent to 9" in a 1:12 scale dolls house or 4.5" in a 1:24 scale dolls house.

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