Don't Bid in Haste

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 It can be so tempting when browsing ebay & find something you like the look of that has only a couple or so minutes left & bang on a bid fingers crossed.

NOT recommended in my experience, I have very nearly been lumbered with something that wasn't as it seemed.

I occasionally buy/sell Jewellery & Gemstones & would advise anyone thinking of buying to give themselves plenty of time to read the description fully, including postage costs & checkout actual feedback comments.

Some things that have come to my attention are -  the amount of Gems that are listed as for example Amethyst &  the Fact that is is Lab Created  is either in tiny writing lost somewhere within description, or right at the bottom of page. -

There are also many pieces of Jewellery listed under fine jewellery , that should really be in the costume catagory - plated pieces with Lab Created Gemstones.-

I was doing a bit of research on the gem Alexandrite recently and found a site that just sells mid-high end coloured gems, a mid range Alexandrite app 6x4 mm there was app £2500 - so I looked at some of the Alexandrite rings in ebay fine jewellery & found several hailing from China, with huge gems claiming to be genuine & set in 10ct gold, 99cents N R !  -   I Don't Think So ! ;

On reading sellers feedback, one chap was ranting that the markings on the gold were Fake along with the Gems ( I would now expect that ). Still most of the feedback was positive, I can only conclude that most of the buyers were happy as they got cheap & pretty rings .

As I collect & sell some Gemstones I think I ought to mention that I have seen Many Huge ct weight (10-25) gems Flawless or VVS being listed / sold for under £5. Please just assume these are very pretty faux gems. it's possible you could get a quartz , agate or similar , but definately Not a Morganite/ Kunzite/ Tourmaline etc; Do some research on gem trading sites or take a look at the Gem Collector site, you will see how incredibly rare very large ct wght faceted gemstones are & what you might expect to pay retail......

Another tip is not to dismiss B.I.N. items , it may not be as much fun as bidding but you can sometimes get a better BARGAIN -Without the wait. I was watching several  used 18ct 1/4 ct Diamond solitaires recently & was lucky enough to find  one B.I.N. for £50 + £5.50 p&p ( checked out feedback etc )- all the others I watched either didn't make reserve or sold for much more. I had set myself a Limit of £75 inc p&p & was going to stick to it.  My hubby also got a good B.I.N. deal on a New ( but not latest model) Kodak Digital Camera with printer dock/photo paper etc  for £80 inc p&p. (2007)

Taking your time, watching several similar/same items you are interested in coming up over several days &  Checking out descriptions /sellers as thoroughly as possible- is by far the best way to buy in my opinion, call me over cautious if you like but at least I have mainly been very happy with my purchases.

On occasion I have contacted buyers off a sellers feedback list for an unbiased opinion about goods / service & have found them to be very helpful.

* Something I have found to be true , if it looks too good to be true ( a silly bargain ) then it usually is too good to be , particularly in the case of supposedly 925 silver & gold with ' genuine gemstones' from the far east. It really isn't difficult at all for to mark inferior metals with a stamp for Silver or Gold.

Hoping that this has been worth a read & good luck with future auctions.


Karen :)

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