Don't Catch Bidding Fever

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Have you ever found yourself caught up in bidding fever when chasing an item for sale on eBay ?

You know the situation - you've spotted a Kylie CD or a Take That DVD (or whatever) for sale and decide to go for it. Unfortunately, someone else is equally determined to have that item ! You bid, they bid, so you bid again, and they bid again, and so it goes on ..... Before long, the rules of engagement have changed. It's no longer about buying the item based on its worth to you, it's now about getting it at all costs to 'win the war'.

Here are a few (hopefully) helpful hints.

1. Never lose sight of the true value of the item on offer. If the bidding has exceeded your valuation, let the other guy have it. Remember, it isn't a war, it's an auction. The likelihood is that another (identical) item will become available within a day or two.

2. There may already be an identical item for sale on eBay under the "Buy It Now" category which is available for less than the inflated auction price.

3. As daft as it sounds, I am aware of many occasions where a brand new item (eg CD) can be purchased for less than the 'used' item you've been bidding for (why not have a quick look elsewhere, say Amazon, before getting carried away ?).

Buying and selling on eBay is great fun and there are thousands of bargains to be picked up by the astute purchaser. If there's one single piece of advice I can offer it would be this - eBay is an auction site, not a war ground. Backing down and letting the other guy win the item does not equate to a defeat.

Have fun.


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