Dont Deal Outside of Ebay when Selling A Car

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Well where do I begin. I advertised my 2003 model Mtsubishi on Ebay , I had originally set a reserve but lowered this as I needed the sale. The bidding went on and crept so close to my target figure, but didnt reach. So after the sale ended I approached the nearest one to ask if he was willing to pay the price he had bid, he agreed. His user name is Baxterhonda, and he is an Irish cardealer that monthly buys job lots to take back to Ireland it seems, some of you may have come across the guy.

Well after several phone calls from his wife asking me if instead of a cash payment I would accept an alternate, like a cheque and of course saying No way, a date was set that he would come over to me to view and buy.

On the agreed day I ended up travelling 30 miles out of my way  to meet him in a Garden Centre. He checked over the vehicle, and suddenly announced that the front bumper had been replaced. I was shocked as in no way shape or form had it ever had any damage as I had purchased it from BRAND NEW, however he went onto insist it was a replacement bumper and he would drop the price by a £1000, of course I said no way, so off he goes looking at other areas, and then we go for a test drive, he throws the vehicle around and proclaims its very bouncy isnt it, of course said I it is a 4 x 4 and built with a solid suspension designed for this sort of treatment, again he argued with me and tried to lower my price by a thousand, but I wouldnt budge. So he reluctantly pulled out his wad, when suddenly he asked to see the service records. DAMN I had forgotten to put the paperwork in the car, before so hurriedly setting off to meet him.

Oh he said with a wry smile, no paperwork no full sale amount, dont tell me I said a thousand less, thats right said he, NO WAY said I lets go back to my place and fetch it, I have a Ferry to catch said he, so cannot.

Now present was my close friend and companion a CID Officer ,who when he introduced himself as such was immediately met with the comment, " Have you any identification", most people would have said thats nice, now my friend suggested that if both parties were in agreement, that he pay up the money less this thousand he was pushing to get out of and that I mail him the documents, and that he upon reciept of such would release to me the balance, stating to him that if he didnt honour the agreement he would be committing an offence of fraud by default. He readily agreed ,we shook hands on it and he even signed to say he owed me £1000 payable upon receipt of the documents

So based on the experience of a Police officer I gambled. I posted him the documents, which they received, and then waited and waited and waited, nothing, so I rang him direct, but to first discover the mobile number he had originally used had now been sold onto to a new party, but as his wife had rung me several times I had kept a note of that number which turned out to be his house.

 Well I got a hold of him eventually, and asked where the money was, he said Im not paying you, as like I told you this bumper has been replaced, as you can imagine I was spitting.And pay me he hasnt.

I spoke to EBAY about this matter and was told that because the transaction took place outside of the EBAY guidelines they couldnt assist, so  BE WARNED to never sell anything if you are approached by a buyer after a sale has ended unless you get the full amount up front.

To make matters worse there is little point in trying to summons anyone outside of the UK or Wales as the County Courts have no power to make an enforcement on a judgement entered.

So here is a message to Baxterhonda [ Andrew Cuthertson of Northern Ireland] the CID have taken the case.

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