Don't be caught out by replica/fake GHD straighteners!

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Hi, i just thought i would write a simple guide on fake/replica/copy GHD hair straighteners and how to spot them. First of all i just want to say that the majority of second hand and new ghd's on ebay are 100% genuine, but there are fakes out there so please take caution when buying.This guide is based on ghd 3.1B's but you can still use this information when you are shopping for other models.First of all here is an image of a set of genuine ghd's: And here is a set of fake ghd's: First off you will notice that the fake's do not open quite as wide as the genuine ghd's.also if you do have the misfortune of handling the fakes, the plastic from which they are made feels cheaper and not quite as hard as the original's. Here is a picture of the writing on the arms of the two sets of straighteners. You will be quick to notice that one is red and the other orange.The one in red is FAKE and the one in orange is GENUINE! Also take a look at where the the power cable joins the straighteners,here the GENUINE one's say "patent pending" and the FAKES simply dont! You will also notice in the picture the rubber ring (just under where it says patent pending) looks a different colour and to the touch is alot softer.Another thing to look for is that alot of the fakes are made in china, the GENUINE ghd's are made in korea.Its quite easy when you already have an original of the same model to make a comparison but mabe not so easy if you dont. You can always ask the seller (if you are in any doubt about the authenticity of the product) for the 15 digit code which is situated under the hologam on the straighteners.If the seller has nothing to hide then im sure they will not mind providing this information to you as a potential buyer.You can then ring ghd directly and ask them to verify if indeed what you are thinking of buying was manufactured buy ghd and not in some back alley in china.I have heard that these inferior copies can even burn your hair!Another thing i have noticed is that on some of the fakes the hologram is on a separate sticker to the writing that is on the right hand side. as seen here: The ORIGINAL straighteners of the exact same model do have 2 stickers, but the one with the writing on(model number..etc)is about 3 inch's long with the hologram sticker placed over the top and all lined up nice and neat.As can be seen here: One thing to look out for on the arms of the ghd's is the impressed lines on the tip of the arms.Here on the FAKES(left) the lines end in more of a flat end,and the GENUINE ghd's(right) end at more of a point:   I hope my guide has been helpful to you and has gone towards making your shopping experience a little more easier on the great ebay! Remember that fakes are out there so please be careful. happy bidding and shopping :)
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