Don't be conned by fake 'spells'

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I have come to notice that their are more and more people out their selling 'Wiccan spells' . As a wiccan myself and one who lives by the wiccan rede it angers me that their are wiccans or 'so called wiccans ' who are selling spells at £10,£15 and even more .

Also they are selling spells that claim to be triple strength and cast by high priestess and romany gypsy and so on and so on ... Please if you are a real wiccan then you will know to cast a powerful spell all you need is a clear heart and good intentions .

The main thing when spell weaving for a customer is knowing what they expect .. Say when i do a fertility spell i know the people i cast for really want a baby and have been trying to have one naturally etc.... I wouldnt sell it to say someone who was collecting a pension and i would state this in the auction text body .

Don't be fooled by the high pricess and the name tags ,just because someone has been on t.v or in a magazine or are a member of a coven or high priestess etc.. DOESN'T MAKE THEM MORE POWERFUL generally if you want a spell cast then the REal wiccans will be the ones with the lower prices  as what we give out we get back times three so if we have been greedy say charging £20 for a spell to make somone get bigger boobs then we are going to loose alot of money say £60 or more and our ego will be deflated etc..................................

Also if you want to make sure that the person casting your spell is Genuine and of good heart , A reall wiccan will gladly tell you her covens name and what 'type 'of wicca she performs ie Eclectic,solitary,hedge,green,crowley,gardnerian etc....

Heres what we cannot do ....

-Make your boobs bigger

-make your 'member' bigger

-break up a happy relationship -Bad magick ,we can sow the seeds and if it was never going to last then it will break naturally .

-Hurt anyone

-make all your wishes come true .Come on if we could do that we wouldnt be on Ebay 

-promises of alot of money -We can do a money spell but if karma says your only getting a tenner then a tenner it is .

Plus a few more ... Use your insticts if it seems to un-real then it probably is .. We can only control things regarding mother nature i.e luck,success,fertility,health,protection,self esteem ,dieting etc


hope this helps


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