Dont be tempted buying Blocked Phones!

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We buy, sell and repair mobile phones, so we see a lot of blocked mobile phones. Its is fact that mobile phone crime is the fastest growing and biggest cause of muggings and assaults in the UK.


Consider this

- Someone might of been mugged or assaulted in order to get that mobile phone that is now for sale on here

- There is always a loser... companies lose £££s because of this..not just the big guys. That cost is passed onto the other customers

- Police spend too much of their time dealing with stolen phones

- The price of your mobile contract or PAYG phone is higher because it compensates for the theft and non bill payment

There are plenty of good deals on here from people who are genuine, who simply want to move on their mobile phone. Dont be tempted by a good deal on "network restricted" or "network barred"
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