Dont believe all you read.

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There are many guides on ebay now, and a lot of information to take in - but you need to remember one very important point.

Ebay does NOT verify the accuracy of the information contained in guides, the guides are just the opinion of the person who wrote the guide.

I have seen some information that is misleading, in my opinion, but at the end of the day you should always check out the facts for yourself.

Take for example something I read recently in a guide, that stated that the Distance selling regulations apply on auctions. To the best of my knowledge, that is utterly untrue, auction sales are exempt from the distance selling regulations. So you could be reading the other guide, and assuming, falsely in my opinion, that you have certain rights under law if you buy in a auction.

You can check out for your self what the real situation is, remember I am not a lawyer, but a quick search for the distance selling regulations in any big search engine will bring up lots of links.

Read the regulations and see for yourself if auction sales are covered or not.

Remember, dont take a guide at its word, always check the facts out for yourself, or you could be reading incorrect advice.

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