Don't buy bulky items like pianos from eBay!!

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I, a registered disabled person, bought a piano on eBay with a view to learning. Before bidding for the piano, I specifically asked the seller whether the piano needed any repairs and  he confirmed in wiriting that all keys played well. The seller initially demanded cash which I refused and then he sent me an invoice but insisted on taking cash only for delivery charges! I asked a local piano tuner to come & tune the piano as the piano had been moved from Chelmsford Essex to Hertfordshire. I was horrified when the piano tuner informed me that in its present condition the piano was only fit for the skip unless I spent £3000.00 to £4000.00 to repair it. He said this is often the reason why pianos are put up for sale on eBay just to get rid off them without the need to pay for disposing them off! I rang the seller to inform him of this and he gave various reasons such as he was selling it on behalf of someone else (The seller has a piano shop and sells only pianos!), if he was shown a 1985 Ford he could also pick up 100 problems & the piano tuner has a vested interest to sell his own piano to me & that is why he has condemned the piano I bought from him etc. He also demanded I get a second opinion which I got and ended up paying the two piano tuners for their time. The second piano tuner confirmed all the first piano tuner had said. They both agreed to talk to the seller if he would ring them. The seller was not helpful so I complained to PayPal. They agreed to refund the money I paid for the piano on the proviso that I returned the Piano in its original condition and got the seller's signature of acceptance & receipt!! I soon found out that it would cost me more than what PayPal was refunding to send the piano back to the seller. Of course there was also the risk that the seller might refuse to accept it! So, I wrote & complained to PayPal and I received a note to say these were their rules & I had to accept it. So I decided to dispose off the piano locally which would be cheaper to do so. All in all a loss of over £500.00 and the unscrupulous seller has got away scotfree and there will be another unwitting victim soon. So I thought the least I could do was to write and warn other unwary buyers. Beware: Do not buy bulky items on eBay without seeing them first or asking an expert to examine it first!!


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