Don't buy fake tiffany.

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Tiffany is of course expensive. If you buy fake tiffany it will still not be very cheap so don't waste your money. Sellers who frequnetly spell "Tiffany" Wrong. For example by constantly spelling it wrong on every "Tiffany" item they list by putting "TFIFANY" it is clear that these are fakes. Why would someone make the same mistake over 100 times? They wouldn't. Don't stand for it. Fair enough, if they make the mistake once or twice you might get a real authentic bargain. BUT if the same seller is constantly listing scores of "Tiffany" items spelt wrong they are doing this for a reason. Also another way to spot the real accidental spelling mistakes is to look at the description and you will usually find that this person has spelt it right there but not in the actual title- A common  mistake to be made. But, sellers are listing many items spelt "TFIFANY" etc. and still spelling it this way in the description. Don't take it trust me. Also I asked one of these sellers is the item was solid silver or silver plated (Tiffany fakes are silver plated) and he replied "They are silver" hmmm. fishy. Don't waste your money. They are doing this so they are not seen obviously to be selling fake goods.



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