Dont buy it!

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If you read my guide below you will see that i loved this pram for the first few weeks of having it and felt i had to write a review as i didnt like all the negative comments on it, well i have to say i am sincerly SORRY because i was wrong this pram is shocking, Once my little girl started wriggling forward she fell out, the first time it happened we was coming out of a cafe and she went head first, people thought i was a terrible mother, i cried all the way home, my partner was there and double checked and the harness had been on her safely.

The second time we were at the Baby show, she again leaned forward (like kids do) and fell out and bashed her little head on the floor, bear in mind my daughter was 6 months old at the time, it happened outside a pram stall so a assistant came over, checked the pram out and said it was a shicking design, even though they are strapped in at the waist the shoulder harness is only attached to the cover so once she fell forward her little bottom just tumbled out of the groin straps,.

I rang mamas and papas and they were useless, said because they ONLY distribute this pram to argos, argos have to deal with my complaint, Argos refunded me!

I am genuinly sorry to those who might of gone off my last review, i dont normally write reviews but for the safety of others children, i feel i had to write this one!

She now has the Hauck infinity and it is Absoloutly the best pram, alot like the ora only safe!

hope this helps anyone looking to but this shambles of a pram



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