Don't get scammed with Fake Lacoste Sport Shoes

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I wouldn't be writing this guide if i had not have to find out the hard way what the difference between genuine and fake Lacoste shoes were. Apart from the fact that I am just an occasional user of ebay, i must confess i have never bought a lacoste brand before.

Recently, Lacoste has come up with some really nice shoes, and I came across a pair i liked which happened to be fake. How did I know? Well, i put it on and behold, it could hardly grip my foot!!! The "leather" was so flimsy i felt the need to keep on restraping it to make it tighter even though it was my size. this led me to scout the net and other items on ebay to see the difference.

This guide is with respect to Lacoste Speedster Shoes but some of the things i will highlight apply to their brand generally.

First of all, the real ones are called Lacoste Speedster Punched, which i am quite sure deals with the fact that the front part of the shoe and the tongue is perforated.

Secondly, the lacoste logo is green, not white as i bought it. I have always known it to be green but cannot understand why i did not notice at the time. Ah yes, i was taken by the sellers track record of happy clients!!! Silly me.

Also, Lacoste is boldy stitched at the tip of the tongue in red thread and is readily seen when worn. The one i bought had white stitching and was a bit too low to be seen when worn. The white stitching does not also allow for the brand to be clearly displayed and thus recognised. Any firm with a good label would fight you tooth and nail if you misrepresent or fail to keep to their guidelines perfectly. That's their identity you see.

You will also not find a QC sticker in their shoes as I found in mine. This is more the trappings of fake mass production than a genuine item.

The inlay of originals does not have a label stitched into it. These are cheap mass produced labels much like those made for clothes. added to this, the inlay is not made of styrofoam with cloth on the upper side either.

You will also not see thread sticking out of the shoe from here and there and the stitching is always taut with no slack stitches in it or break points.

I also observed that the padding around the ankle is more generous in the real ones than the imitations which appears to feel flat.

above all, the shoes should not wrinkle at a moments notice. The paid i got are already a bit wrinkled even though i have not even worn them out of the house or for even up to 5 minutes. This speaks of inferior or fake leather. Though these had a soft feel, they were not the textered kind of leather but plain. The textured one handles creasing much better.

I will try and put pictures up to make some of these things clearer when I can.

Well, all the best and bud cautiously. There's a lot of crappy stuff out there but don't throw out the baby with the bath water. There's a lot of good stuff out there too.

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