Don't get stung buying video games!

Like if this guide is helpful

I am writing this because I get REALLY frustrated when I see stupid people buying games for more than their worth!

Simple tips for buying games:-

1) Check gaming websites for current prices - Go to places like,,, and see how much they are charging for the title you want.

2) Remember that the item is PROBABLY used - Unless you are buying a 'NEW' game, you only need to compare with the 'pre-owned' price.

3) Don't forget about postal charges - Most of the sites you look at will offer FREE postage but eBayers will normally charge for it so DON'T forget to add this to the final valuation of the item.

4) Set a price and stick to it - If, like me, you can get carried away with eBay, you might get locked in a 'bidding war' and end up paying more than you wanted (we've ALL done it!)

5) eBay is here to TRY and save you money - There will normally be more than 1 of each title so just be patient! If you can't wait and you want to play the game 'NOW' it is probably better to just go and buy it from the store, it's normally only a couple of quid more expensive than the price you will pay from eBay anyway!?! There is nothing worse than waiting for it to arrive if you're desperate to play a title!

6) And finally, if you ARE going to buy it from the shop - It might be worth phoning your local game store to check if they have one in stock (and RESERVING it!) before you go skipping into town with a fist full of cash only to be told that some jerk-off bought the last copy 20 mins before you got there! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!

I'm sure that MOST people out there will know these sorts of tricks to save money but there are OBVIOUSLY people out there who don't because I STILL see people bidding on stuff that you can get for less in the shop itself!?! Right, that's my winge over with!

Happy bidding folks!


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