Dont just be a seller be a GREAT SELLER

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Hi im Jackie from Jackie_likes_bargains and i hope i can help you become a better ebayer

whats the difference between a ebay seller and a great ebay seller

the answer is the service you provide

do you sell a item then take your time to send it then send it by 2nd class post

or do you have that item in the post box within 24hrs and using at least 1st class post

if you said yes to the 24 hour turn around then you are on your way to becoming a great seller

do you charge over £3 for an item that costs around £1 to send or do you charge no more than £1.50

Many ebayers get away with over the odds postage costs but its a waste of time for them as if you compare my items with items with

high postage you will see that i get on average 30% more for my items than they do i will never charge more than £1.50 postage for a

one or two disc dvd or game

What else can you do to be a great seller ?

The answer is simple just answer all questions sent quickly and be polite even if the question is a little stupid at times

Let people know that there items are on the way

Get proof of postage this is free from the post office and it will cover you for up to £30 and it will give both you and your buyer

cover if on that rare occasion your item gets lost in the post

Just remember that a polite helpful experience will get you that positive feedback

A hard faced over the top ebayer that ignores emails will get you a collection of  nasty red negitives

well thats enough advice from me for now

i hope it helps you out to be a better seller and if you found this advice useful please click the yes below

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