Don't let fake amulet close your eyes

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Sell fake amulet have not use too much knowledge, but use only famous name of Thai Legend monk such as Luangpor Toe, Luangpoo Tuad, Luangpoo Tae and so on. Use these name is very easy to sell amulet because chinese and english website that related to monk profile will have profile of Thai legend monk. But the fact is real and authentic amulet from these Luangpor are very rare in Thai market. If you serious in holy of buddha magic you will not find any magic power in fake item. But if you think you like the design of fake and you totally clear and understand market situation, you can go on. But I must to tell you one thing, the price you pay for fake amulet can buy good and real amulet from famous monk in Thailand. If the real amulet have 25 dollars cost, the fake will have only 2-3 dollars only. This is the reason why fake amulet will show you a ton here. I will concentrate on Thai modern monk only and suggest you all to collect these kind of amulet. Because these amulets are still new and came from the modern famous monk. You know "Prapidta" (a kind of amulet which you see Buddha use two hands for close his eyes). Prapidta has deep meaning, close eyes means don't see anything and judge by eyes but use your heart and soul to see.

The question is why you still pay the same price and you still receive the fake???

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