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Here at Crystal wedding UK we get a lot of brides-2-be contacting us and send pictures of items that they are inspired by and would like to see certain aspects of these items in their bouquets and table decoration ideas. Obviously, As a result, we are asked to make 'Similar renditions of other designers works, while we will not copy another designers work exactly to the ’T’ we can use them for inspiration. We always end up discussing  the ridiculous prices these designers ask them  to pay for their ‘ big day’  special items, and while some items that are constructed using mainly real crystals are  higher priced ,many cheaper  brooch and beads designs don’t have to be …

Some bouquet designers make their products look incredibly attractive, with professional photography  using soft lighting and image enhancement to make their bouquets and accessories look more magical then they really are, then they go and paste 'mediocre' awards /achievements over every page and in every tag line , signature and blog they write just to con unsuspecting buyers into thinking  they are purchasing the best, when in fact they can get the same quality items much,  much cheaper if they shop around , but as many of our brides-2 be have found out, these made to look nice website and face book pages work out to be far more expensive than other less well-known websites.  These designers charge mostly for their time in constructing the items, as we know for a fact the exact embellishments they use can work out to be very in-expensive at wholesale price, so their prices can only come from over inflated labour charges and most of them way over charge you for just a few hours’ work…. Beware!

Ordering a glass Beaded, silk flower or brooch style bouquet similar to our Dazzling Rose bouquet our Ava bouquet and our Pearl Eleganza bouquet from these over inflated sellers will set you back around £250-£400 for an average 8 inch size bridal bouquet. Yet, at  far less well-known site like ours,  a similar rendition of a bouquet  using the same brooches and Swarovski crystals can cost less than half that at around £65-£145 . So that means they are over charging you by as much as 3 times more for a wedding bouquets and other accessories than you would pay for ours. What a rip-off!

We sell mostly on eBay (Which apparently is 'beneath' these overpriced designers as they always tend to slate us eBay sellers in their blogs and comments and tend to put down our quality of work to make themselves feel better, about ripping off their unsuspecting customers with wedding price tags and then they purchased all their beads and embellishments cheaply from eBay.. Hilarious!!!


We sell on average 5000 items per year via EBay, our website and Etsy stores, and with our 100% positive feedback score which is always on full display. We have glowing praise for our items. Also we have on our site our ‘happy customers' page where the comment come directly from Real customers where the y can leave their reviews. We do not pay for our feedback, we rely on our good quality hand crafted items to simply speak for themselves... You have probably heard of the term’ you get what you pay for’, and in some instances this is true,  but , In all the years we have been in the wedding business, we repeatedly see the same style bouquets popping up over and over again, and here at Crystal wedding UK  we have mastered the art of bouquet making in many styles and in turn minimise the time it take to make a beaded bouquet very efficiently therefore, we  can pass the savings of  only I or 2 days working on  a bouquet back to you with a lower price tag attached but I stress, definitely  not lower in quality.. 

We send our items via mail order, and Have regular repeat orders from our wedding business owners in Hawaii, U.S.A and Australia. We love to make bespoke creations for our brides at a very good price.

 So if you’re planning a wedding, make sure you keep these overly inflated  way over priced rip-offs sellers in mind,  shop around  and don’t get caught out when paying their 'wedding price tag'!  Good luck with your big day, and best wishes to you both for your future happiness 

Crystal wedding UK
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