Don't pay too much for your Wooden venetians !!!

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It's a shame to say but there are some compaines that are still selling wooden venetians for well over the odds.

 What I have found is that - Hillarys blinds for example are selling their own blinds at almost triple the cost of ranges such as Sunwood.

To make a wooden venetian is quite hard to do. To fit one is not.

 So, how do you get the right look without all the expense ?

It's easy these days to buy made to measure blinds over the internet. Matching the slat colours can be hard via the PC, so make sure you request a sample or two before any major purchase.

GET your measurements right !!!  It might sound silly, but you really need to be spot on with this. Measure it twice, fit once !

Any company you invite into your home to sell you blinds has overheads, so you are never going to get the right price for you.

 If you really don't fancy fitting them, call a local DIY/handyman out of the paper and I'm sure you will get them fitted for around £10-£15 each.

The Sunwood range from decora offers a great choice including polar white venetians in three slat sizes. 25mm, 35mm and 50mm .

 I've done a small review of 'Sunwood' here on ebay so check it out.

Also, if you do need advise on measuring then please feel free to contact me and I can even give you an idea of cost.

Get the look, but save money
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